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Crew Member Transportation & Courier Service

Simplifying Crew Changes: Our team at Portship International specializes in making crew changes effortless and hassle-free. We provide comprehensive assistance for crew members embarking and disembarking to and from launch services, airports, and berth locations. Additionally, we offer reliable delivery services for Cash to Master and parcels directly onboard. With our polite, safe, and punctual driving team, who are TWIC certified and extensively familiar with our service areas, you can trust us to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for all crew members.

U.S. Customs Paroles & Clearances


Efficient Customs Solutions: Portship International has the expertise to arrange paroled entries and departures for tugs/barges and D-2 / parole foreign crew. Through our proper and formal application process with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, we facilitate the necessary clearances to ensure compliance with regulations and smooth operations.

Gangway Security & Safeguard


Ensuring Vessel Safety: We prioritize vessel security with our reliable Gangway Security & Safeguard services. When required by U.S. Immigration/U.S. Coast Guard, we provide vessel gangway ISPS security, complying with all ISPS regulations. Our guards, who are TWIC certified and fully trained, offer comprehensive protection. Additionally, we offer 24-hour safeguard service for any U.S. CBP detained crew, ensuring their safety and well-being.

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